Saturday, July 09, 2011

What & Who I Like to Read - and Where I Find It

A topic kicking around in my head lately and discussed with a few different people is what and who I like to read.

It's definitely something previously considered... with over a year ago my post on topics of interest to read and write about and then favorite authors as well as the more recent post on books from said authors.

So, to revisit the topic and add a few updates...

Type of writing enjoyed - I like good non-fiction, particularly that with some emotional heft, and a balance between sentiment and reporting. It's tough to pull off, but also done by some good writers out here.

Where I find it - Much of the writing posted on and linked to here came from print magazines (with publishing there requiring that the pieces have made it through the filter of the publication), with my having subscriptions to the magazines below:

Sports Illustrated
Fast Company

There may well be other great magazines out there I should subscribe to, but each of these serves as a source of good articles and mention of books to read. Also, I've written about it before, but Twitter can be an excellent source of links to both good feature writing and non-fiction books.


Who I liked to read - it was only a few months ago I did the aforementioned post on books from authors, but there are a couple of additions both in terms of writers and upcoming books to look for.

New feature writers I look for stuff from:

Tommy Tomlinson - Twitter page here

Kevin Van Valkenburg - Twitter page here

Jeff MacGregor - Twitter page here

Books coming out from favorite authors:

Jeff Jarvis - Public Parts scheduled for Sept 2011 release.

Michael Lewis - Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World scheduled for Oct 2011 release.

Eric Weiner - Man Seeks God: My Flirtations with the Divine scheduled for Dec 2011 release.

J.R. Moehringer - still untitled work of historical fiction on U.S. bank robber Willie Sutton scheduled for fall 2012 release.


Really, this topic of what I read is the same question posed to a different person from my home state...