Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sebastian Junger's "The Storm" for Outside Magazine

Recently came across "The Storm" by Sebastian Junger for Outside Magazine and found it to be extremely compelling writing. The piece was published in 1994 and became the basis for Junger's best selling book (and subsequent movie) "The Perfect Storm".

I've posted on Junger previously and after reading four of his books now enjoy both the work itself and reading pieces like this Outside Magazine interview that get into how he became a writer.

Additionally, Junger makes a point in the interview that I completely agree with... people who do dangerous stuff are fascinating. Whether its someone Junger writes about (including himself) or people written about by Susan Casey (also in relation to the ocean and giant waves) there's something interesting about those who live with such risk.

Excellent story here from Outside for both those who have and haven't seen his book that it's based on (and anyone who hasn't had a chance to read the book would likely want to after this story).