Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Magazine reading notes 7: 2007 Jan-Jun 2

Time – July 2
Piece on new TV shows including mention of AMC’s “Mad Men” about 1960s advertising executives
Article on “life hacking” about finding good balance with technology. Websites of note:,,

BusinessWeek – June 4
Review of Pure Digital’s “Flip Video” camcorder

BusinessWeek – Jan 15
Article on 529 college savings accounts

BusinessWeek – June 18
Mention of the parenting website
Article about finding out personal salary comparisons. Websites of note:,,
Interesting website:

BusinessWeek – May 7
Piece on idea of companies looking for and testing out what’s hip and next in Tokyo
Article on using the right keyboards for online resume filters

The Wave – June
Profile of SJSU professor Gabriele Rico who wrote “Writing the Natural Way”

BusinessWeek – May 14
List of “25 Most Innovative Companies”

Fast Company – June
Article on Portland, OR based clothing company “Nau” that’s focused on “doing business the right way”
Profile of the Richmond, VA based advertising shop “Martin Agency” that recently won the Wal-Mart account (previously did the Gecko ads for Geico”
Mention of the democratic blog
Mention of the website
Sustainability websites: &

Money – March
Financial plan for a soon to retire flight attendant who wants to write a book

WWU newsletter
Memoriam for John Utendale of Bellingham

BusinessWeek – June 25
Profile of two internet entrepreneurs who buy and sell domain names

Fast Company – April
Profile of brand design agency ADK that won the business doing the Xbox 360

Money – June
Home inventory website at
Usage of “greening the cleaning” products to help the environment
Chase freedom Visa credit card that gives cash back
Benefits of acupuncture (also over other alternative treatments)

Time – May 14
Profiles of interesting people:
David Mitchell who wrote “Black Swan Green”
General David Petraeus
“Green Governor” Arnold Schwarzenegger
Neil deGrasse Tyson… host of the PBS series “Nova Science”

Fast Company – July/August
Charles Fishman article on the bottled water industry. He also wrote the prior Fast Company piece on CLF lightbulbs as well as the book “The Wal-Mart Effect”
Profile on Al Gore and
Story about reaching wide usage among professionals
Piece on Barack Obama’s fundraising through