Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blog Topics List: Redux

I've posted several times previously with statistics about the blog posts done here, but I think with this post, I want to start to delve even further into what I've written about.

The question I keep coming back to is what's the purpose behind the blog (the blog being, you know... this blog). I write on the opening page this not so polemical (just felt like using a big word there) goal...

"The point is to write about stuff I find... well, interesting. If these efforts should help me transition from my current business program management type job to a business writing and creative type job then all the better. If not, then the original point of the blog holds true."

Yep, that still holds true. I do want to write about interesting things... and would be happy if that led to a job writing about interesting things. At the fundamental non-job related interesting things level, though, I like the idea of using language to help both figure out and document what things I find of note. Additionally, and even though I didn't start writing the blog for the kid, I think there's something to be said for leaving for your kid(s) a historical record of what you think about.

So... blog topics posted on... the last post I did in this area was this one in July 2009 and with the additional 50 posts since then, the current point in time topics posted on is something like this:

17 months / 230 or so posts... about 13 a month or just under one every other day

55 books posted on... 45 of which being non-fiction and 10 fiction

Of the 45 non-fiction... the main topics covered are as follows:
- Business: 3 books
- History: 7 books
- Life: 7 books
- Sports: 12 books
- Writing: 2 books
- Politics: 2 books
Well, 34 out of 45 books falling into one of six areas, with most of those really being in one of four areas... that's fairly focused.

The 185 or so non-book posts cover most heavily the following areas:
- Business: 63 posts
- Sports: 32 posts
- Politics: 26 posts
- Life: 27 posts
- Writing: 25 posts
With the remaining posts being a few on heath and a few on entertainment, the topics covered are even more focused than in the books.

The point of all this? I think it a jumping off point to delve further into what I like to write about. To whit... business, sports, life (yes, quite the broad topic), politics, writing and history. Perhaps the first three more than the last, but that will be a thing to figure out through further delving (quite possibly in additional blog topic posts)...