Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fort Hood Domestic Terrorist Piece from Time Magazine

Solid cover story in the latest Time Magazine on Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan.

Written by Nancy Gibbs, "Terrified or Terrorist?" investigates the life of Hasan... and both what appeared to lead him to his shooting rampage on the Texas Army base and how the military might have been able to prevent it.

To the question of what brought about his heinous act, signs seem to point to a severe disillusionment with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Hasan (who is a Muslim) viewing the US as waging a war against the religion. The interesting question that Gibbs looks at is whether Hasan's actions following up on his views make him basically a self-contained terrorist... operating outside any terrorist organization.

In terms of how this act could have been prevented, Gibbs details the various red flags about Hasan that were raised by members of the military, but with none of them thoroughly followed up upon. The reasoning put forward was that to voice questions about Hasan as a Muslim could be viewed as act of discrimination. Not good, but understandable.


Two other pieces from this issue of Time that stood out were a mention of comedian George Carlin's posthumously published autobiography "Last Words" and the "Technology Roundtable with Jay Adelson, Jeff Han, Philip Rosedale and Michael Arrington." Interesting stuff.