Sunday, June 24, 2007

Magazine reading notes 6: 2007 Jan-Jun

Fast Company – Dec/Jan
Online access code: FCDECSOCAP
Mention in “letters” section of An Inconvenient Truth” website

Social Capitalist award winners: – companies providing volunteers – microfinance lending to the poor – small public charter schools in poor neighborhoods

Toyota’s pursuit of innovation in factory processes (piece on Kentucky facility)

BusinessWeek – Jan 8
CEOs under 40 running publicly traded companies…

BusinessWeek – Jan 15
529 college savings plans whereby you can invest $ now for children’s college… in California, the average tax benefit of the plan results in a 1.2% benefit per year. Details at

Blog @ Starbucks from a non-employee’s view:

Top-selling hardcover business books:”Why We Want You to be Rich” – Donald Trump, “The Starbucks Experience” – Joseph Michelli

Time – Jan 29
Ways to relieve stress: breathe deeply, take a vacation, make friends, exercise regularly, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, don’t stay up late, do what you love (if you can’t find it at work, look for it outside of work)

Esquire – Feb
Piece on the concept of “knowledge is power” and how you have to judiciously provide information to those seeking it… example of a real estate agent (send to Greg)

Profile by Chris Jones on Chris Snow, 25 year-old who previously was the Red Sox beat writer for the Boston Globe and now is Director of Hockey Ops for the Wild (look for more Chris Jones writing in Esquire… maybe e-mail him)

Esquire “napkin project” with fiction writers…

Profile of Ramsey Clark, former AJ of US who was Saddam Hussein’s lawyer

Fast Company – Feb
Profile of Jeff Han, creator of very cool new touch-screen technology…
Online access code: FCFEBMUSIC

IBM’s usage of for business purposes

BusinessWeek – Feb 5
Career angst blog for 20-30 professionals… http://blog/

Time – Feb 19
Commentary piece on “too cool for preschool” about hip young parents… discusses:, Neal Pollack’s memoir “Alternadad”

BusinessWeek – Mar 12
Online job recruiting blog

Time – Mar 19
Excerpt from “Heyday” by Kurt Anderson about how America came of age in the mid 1850s
“What’s Next” article including compact fluorescent light bulbs

Fast Company – Mar including the fast 50 people & companies which has videos on living green
article on the Omidyar Network which lets you see the popularity of various websites

Esquire – Mar
Chris Jones’ “Too Far From Home” about being stranded on the space station
Opening opinion piece by editor David Granger about reasons for optimism in the world: students in Iran standing up to President Ahmadinejad, Lt Gen David Petraeus being in charge, and the bi-partisanship of pols like Schwarzenegger

BusinessWeek – Mar 12
TED (technology, entertainment & design) conference in Monterey

BusinessWeek – Mar 26
Article on Marcus Buckingham the business writer who did “First, Break All the Rules” in 1999 and recently “Go Put Your Strengths to Work”
Mention of TED conference

Time – Mar 26
Article on Douglas Hofstadter who long ago wrote “Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golder Braid” and recently “I Am a Strange Loop”

Time – Apr 2
Cover story on why the Bible should be taught in public schools
Review of Buckley book

BusinessWeek – Apr 9
Review of Christopher Buckey’s “Boomsday” about suicide at age 65
Interview with Peter Bernstein where he discusses his new book “Capital Risk Evolving”

Esquire – Apr
Chris Jones’ profile on Barry Zito & mention of Canadian bands The Weakerthans & Arcade Fire

Fast Company – May
Cover story on @

Money – May
Piece on how many airlines are shortening the time in which miles expire if no account activity. Can earn miles at