Sunday, June 24, 2007

Magazine reading notes 3: 2005 Sep-Dec

Outside – Sept ‘05
Article on jobs people love. Interesting websites:, for finding yourself

Esquire – Oct ‘05
Piece by Chris Jones on Ricky Williams return to the NFL
Jones is an excellent writer… interested in reading more of his stuff

Fast Company – Sept ‘05
Advertising Creative Director Phil Dusenberry with excerpts from his book “Then We Set His Hair On Fire”. Examples from HBO & Gillette
Terri Kelly, CEO of Gore and Associates

BusinessWeek – Sept 26, ‘05
Special Report on the collaborative powers of the internet and how people are using it
Interesting websites…
Home: Sounds like it has very interesting societal and popular culture insight,,, &
Public Domain:,,
Toolbox :,,

BusinessWeek – Oct 17, ‘05
Advertising consultant Rishad Tobaccowala on how marketing has changed and will continue to change. How advertising will become “more science, less art”.
Cover story on Dr Andrew Weil about “living naturally”… (CS & MAPA)
Meditation, diet, nutrients & exercise
Discusses the dangers of inflammation in the body
Book websites:,, (also has a section of 100 best novels)

Fast Company – Oct ‘05
Trendspotting websites:,,
“The Ten Faces of Innovation” by Tom Kelly of IDEO FCOCTCUSTOMER

BusinessWeek – Oct 31, ‘05
Aylwin Lewis, new CEO of Sears: right hand man of Eddie Lampert
Began a career in retail management by being an assistant manager at Jack in the Box… “found that leading a restaurant staff satisfied his need to teach”

BusinessWeek – Nov 7, 05
Jeff Skoll and

BusinessWeek – Nov 14, ‘05
Pierre Omidyar creating the “Omidyar-Tufts Microfinance Fund”
De Young museum in San Francisco… fascinating architecture with a copper skin
Story on Prefab houses: IKEA prefab houses sold in Europe, Dwell Homes out of San Francisco, weeHouse out of MN

BusinessWeek – Nov 21, ‘05
WebSmart 50 piece about how the internet is changing marketing and bringing it much closer to the consumer is backed by the Omidyar Network among other investors. Let’s people vote on what stories they find most interesting

BusinessWeek – Nov 28, ‘05
Cover story on Peter Drucker… asked the question “What do you want to contribute?”

BusinessWeek – Dec 12, ‘05
Cover story on social networking: (sponsored by Coca-Cola),,
Article on the swelling #s of remote workers

Time – Dec 12, ‘05
Piece on Steven Speilberg and “Munich”
Article on prefab housing: Parish House
Unique hotel options: Hotel des Arts in San Francisco, Hotel Ingio in Atlanta, Chicago & Houston, Easy Hotel in London, Hotel QT in NYC
Recommended books: “His Excellency: George Washington” “Runaway” – Alice Munro, “One Hundred Demons” – Lynda Barry, “Europe Central” – William Vollmann