Sunday, June 24, 2007

Magazine reading notes 1: 1999-2004


Sports Illustrated
Rick Reilly piece on Ben Comen the high school runner with cerebral palsy
April 12, ’99 Rick Reilly piece on “the meaning of life”


Fast Company – Nov ‘03
Article on Herminia Ibarra who wrote “Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career”
She rejects the idea of trying to search and find your “one true calling” and then starting that. Instead, she advocates doing things to try out various possibilities, volunteering, getting involved, etc
Article on Russell Simmons… quote describing him: “He’s just interested in people: and because he’s interested, they’re interested. He wants to know the nuances of how other people live, receive art, and experience culture.”

BusinessWeek – Dec 1, ‘03
Article on philanthropy featuring piece on Jeff Skoll
Originally wanted to be a writer, now interested in promoting social entrepreneurs

Money – Dec ‘03
Giving circles…


Time – Aug ‘04
Article on prediction markets created by companies
Bernardo Hubermann from HP is director of the group that designs and coordinates the markets to forecast sales. Quote… “A company that can predict the future is a company that can win.”

Time – Oct ‘04
Pre-fabricated houses…
Lindal Cedar Homes with two designs by Michael Graves and another by James Cutler who designed Bill Gates’ house
Adam Kalkin another designer
Michelle Kaufmann and Glidehouse
National Parks advertising section…
Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, Crater Lake in Oregon, Arches in Utah

Time – Oct 11, ‘04
Article on Alex Bogusky of Crispin, Porter & Bogusky… the agency that came up with

BusinessWeek – Oct 25, ‘04
Article on Yao Ming and the five-year marketing plan written for him

BusinessWeek – Nov 29, ‘04
Special report on philanthropy
Pierre Omidyar – The Omidyar Network – based in Redwood City: – contains discussion of how the $ should be spent
Places that get Omidyar $: Ashoka, Global Giving, DonorsChoose
59% of philanthropic $ gets contributed by families with household incomes under $100k
Resource Generation – a nonprofit that advises wealthy Gen Xers on how to give away $
Fast Company – Dec ‘04
Social Capital article: access code – FCDECCREATIVITY

Money – Nov ‘04
Article on Peter Bernstein who wrote “Against the Gods” about financial risk
“Maximizing returns is an investment strategy that makes sense only in very specific circumstances. In general, survival is the only road to riches. You should try to maximize returns only if losses would not threaten your survival and if you have a compelling future need for the extra gains you might earn.”
Concept is that you never will know the absolute highest point an investment will reach, so you never attempt to simply maximize, you always balance against risk.
“Diversification is both recognition of ignorance and an aggressive strategy because it puts you in position to profit from wherever the next big hit might come.”
‘You can never be sure that today’s market is going to be a replay of the past.”
New book he wrote: “Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation”

Fast Company – Nov ‘04
Author Michael Ray who wrote “Creativity in Business” and “The Highest Goal”
Article on Dell supply-chain and how quickly they move and react
Online access: access code: FCNOVFORWARD

BusinessWeek – Dec 13, ‘04
Piece about the aluminum bottles from Iron City Beer: and other new product innovations