Sunday, June 24, 2007

Magazine reading notes 5: 2006 Jul-Dec

BusinessWeek – July 3

Time – July 10
“Voice of this Generation” piece on how there currently is not an author who is perceived as writing something transcendent that is felt by that generation. People discussed are Curtis Sittenfeld, Dave Eggers, Jonathan Safran Foer, Chuck Palahniuk

Time – July 17
Interview with Katherine Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the US. Believes that evolution should in fact be taught in schools and that gays and lesbians can be full members of the Church. Favorite verse in the Bible is Isaiah chapter 61

Article about Genome mapper Francis Collins who is also an evangelical Christian. Wrote the book “The Language of God (A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief)”. Sounds interesting, but “Mere Christianity” sounds better…

Time – July 24
M Night Shyamalan profile which references Michael Bamberger’s “The Man Who Heard Voices…”

Time – July 31
10 Questions with Morgan Spurlock who did Super Size Me and 30 Days

BusinessWeek – July 31
Social Networking piece about through which people can request and grant loans in small amounts for business capital about the TED (technology, entertainment & design) conference

BusinessWeek – Aug 7
Review of Michael Mauboussin’s book “More Than You Know” about investment philosophy, innovation and complexity theory. Sounds interesting…

Time – Aug 7
Review of Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center”. Sounds interesting…

Review of IFC show “The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman” (Fridays 11:00EST) about a Hollywood writer trying to make it

BusinessWeek – Aug 14
Cover story on
Other websites of interest mentioned:,, http://del.ici.ous/,

Time – Aug 21
Forthcoming books… “The Blind Side” by Michael Lewis about football and “Thunderstruck” by Erik Larson

Story about pre-fabricated cabins with small square footage that have great design: models include weeHouses & Rotorhaus

BusinessWeek – Aug 21/28 by Diego Rodriguez from IDEO

Time – Aug 28
Profile of author Jonathan Franzen who wrote both “The Discomfort Zone” and “The Corrections”… lives part of the year near San Jose

Fast Company – September
Profile on Jeff Skoll

Article on Compact Fluorescent (CFL / Swirl) light bulbs and Wal-Mart’s emphasis on them


Money – September
Cover story with lessons from individuals living in the richest zip codes in the US

Time – September 11
Article on the “LivingHomes” house built to a Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating

Budget Travel – September
Idea of mashup maps overlaying interesting places onto Google Maps. Example: with London views & with a searchable index

Fascinating jobs that people have involving travel:

BusinessWeek – Sept 4
Ways to do home inventory: free software download from Insurance Information Institute at and Quicken Home Inventory Manager ($30)

Website by former Nike and Wieden & Kennedy ad guy

Time – Sept 18
Piece on museums going high-tech to attract a greater audience.

BusinessWeek – Sept 25
Cover story on how health-care has added 1.7M new jobs since 2001… with the rest of the private sector adding an aggregate zero

Inside Innovation section of BW

BusinessWeek – Oct 9
Profile on top design education programs

Fast Company – Oct
“Masters of Design” issue…
Features: Puma’s design approach, Paula Scher (“the wordsmith”)
Software that tracks your airline miles on a downloaded app…

Time – Oct 16
John Grishham book “The Innocent Man”, a true crime novel about a former baseball player… sounds interesting

BusinessWeek – Oct 16
BMW factory with design for speed and success

Time – Oct 23
Interesting web sites: with airline fares,, with local business reviews, calendar site

BusinessWeek – Oct 30
“The Blind Side” by Michael Lewis
Ford Motor internal website about both good and bad things Ford is doing
Book excerpt about Wipro Ltd in India

Esquire – Oct
Profile on 21 year-old filmmaker David Lehre who created the most watched short video in YouTube history. Exclusive different video available at

Time – Nov 6
Article on personal brand/marketing consultants

Esquire – Nov
“The Paris Review Interviews I” with interviews with 16 authors
Christopher Nolan Q&A
“Shut Up and Sing” by the Dixie Chicks

Time – not sure
Review of “King Dork” by Frank Portman formerly of The Mr T Experience. Book is about the high school years and going through them
Travel guides: Moleskin City Notebooks, Wallpaper City Guides, Time Out Shortlist

BusinessWeek – Dec 11
Cover story on Best Buy’s ultra-flexible working schedules and locations

Time – Dec 18
Cover story on America’s broken school system. Ideas in story: 1. Know more about the world 2. Interdisciplinary combination of ideas 3. Becoming smart about sources of information 4. developing good people skills
Includes mention of Scott McNealy’s site which contains “open source” courses
Annie Leibovitz book review
Environmentally conscious Christmas ideas: LED lights, living Christmas tree, donations as gifts…, not using traditional gift wrap (newspapers, old cassette and VHS tapes as ribbons)

BusinessWeek – Dec 18
Architectural feats…
“How to change the world” blog by VC guy…
Profiles of Rachel Ray and her “30 minute meals” as well as Zipcar car sharing company
Products/Ideas of the year: electric sports car, Phillips bodygroomer…,, interactive consumers, microloans (Muhammad Yunus)
Albums of the year: “Love” by The Beatles, “Live at the Hammersmith Odeon” – Bruce
Books of the year: includes “More Than You Know”

Time – Dec 25-Jan 1
“Person of the Year – You” issue. People included:
1. Ali Khurshid from Pakistan who posts photos at
2. Video podcast cooking show called “Crash Test Kitchen”
3. Prolific book reviewer Harriet Klausner
4. Tila Tequila “celebrity”
5. French rapper Kamini who can be found at
6. Various websites:, music site,,,,,,
Joe Klein piece about admirable people: including the creator of “The Wire” from HBO
Piece on Iraq Study Group report
Esquire – Dec
Christopher Guest movie “For Your Consideration”
A.J. Jacobs book “The Know It All…” about reading the Encyclopedia Britannica
Profile on Philip Rosedale the creator of