Sunday, June 24, 2007

Magazine reading notes 2: 2005 Jan-Aug

Fortune – Jan 10, ‘05
Blogging in the “10 tech trends” section, Dan Gillmor’s blog, on Microsoft,
Things that have been broken by bloggers: Kryptonite locks, Dan Rather’s piece on Bush in the National Guard
Bloggers in a way are like the early adopters from the Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado books

Fast Company – Jan ‘05
Social entrepreneurship:
Access code: FCJANSOCIAL

BusinessWeek – Mar 7, ‘05
Article on Social Venture giving groups where people pool together resources and donate to worthy projects
Sounds like a really interesting way to give $ and time whilst also getting involved in a larger network and cause

BusinessWeek – Mar 22, ‘05
GE and Jeff Immelt
Focus on getting all GE employees to take risks and look for breakthrough innovations
Members of the “Commercial Council” of GE’s top several hundred managers have to submit at least 3 imagination breakthrough proposals a year for consideration (each one has to have potential for at least $100M in business)
The company has 307,000 employees
GE has a two year-long commercial leadership program through which it sends the best marketers in the company
GE is ways in trying to emulate the marketing prowess of P&G

Fast Company – Mar ‘05
Paul Weitz wrote and directed both “About a Boy” and “In Good Company”
Mention of what a good movie “American Splendor” is
“Brand Sense” – Martin Lindstrom – supposed to be a good book on branding

Winners of directing contest

Time – Apr 4, ‘05
Blogs created by movie directors
Zach Braff’s blog –
Peter Jackson’s blog –
Superman Returns blog –
Time – Apr ‘05
Article on IDEO and it’s clients

San Jose Mercury News – May 1, ‘05
Article in the Travel section about the husband, wife & 10-year old daughter that hiked the entire PCT from Mexico to Canada

BusinessWeek – May 2, ‘05
Interesting piece on Shawn Nelson who founded and won Rebel Billionaire

Fast Company – May ‘05
Piece on blogging
Favorite blogs:,,,,,
Want to put in the time to have fresh original things to say and to comment on other people’s blogs you find interesting

BusinessWeek – May 2, ‘05
Piece on blogging
Likely have links to the blogs below in the BW article online
Places where a free account can be set up: by Google,
Blogs to check out: micro persuasion by Steve Rubel, Grassroots Media by Dan Gillmor who was with the Mercury News, technorati, pubsub,,
Really simple syndication: a tool that search for key words in blogs and notifies the searcher

Money – May ’05
Good mountain bike – Cannondale Prophet 600 - $1,600 –
Another mountain bike – Marin Northside Trail - $590 –
Good helmet – Specialized Chamonix, $24

BusinessWeek – June 13, ‘05
Oregon Brewers Festival – sounds like fun. July 28-31.

BusinessWeek – June 20, ‘05
Article on internet collaboration changing business. Examples: blogs, file sharing, feedback on eBay, reviews on amazon, car sharing services,
“There’s a fundamental shift in power happening. Everywhere, people are getting together and, using the internet, disrupting whatever activities they’re involved in.” – Pierre Omidyar
Big companies utilizing intelligence of the crowds: HP, Eli Lilly, P&G, Lego – online encyclopedia

BusinessWeek – June 6, ‘05
Podcasting websites: or – catalogs - discussion of movie and advertising biz, – led by Dave Winer, Podcasting pioneer guy, – independent rock music

Fast Company – June ‘05
Piece on Dave Eggers, writer of “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” & editor of “McSweeney’s Quarterly” - about the Social Capitalist awards
Design blogs: – written by seven designers, http://weblogs/ - written by an MIT design guru, – written by industrial designers
Piece about the Japanese company Muji – minimalist goods with no labels - access code: FCJUNEDESIGN

Money – July ‘05,,

BusinessWeek – July 11, ‘05
Finance blogs: – run by the treasurer of the DNC,,,,

BusinessWeek – July 18, ‘05 – maps, maps, maps, maps

BusinessWeek – July 25, ‘05
Investing piece about P&G being an attractive stock with the Gillette merger moving forward – has maps showing crimes by area – Amazon’s new search engine
Best cities for entrepreneurs:
Article on how it’s extremely likely that Google and yahoo will likely move into blog search (currently being performed primarily by – challenge is to incorporate time into a search

Fast Company – Aug ‘05
Marketing blogs:,, access code: FCAUGUSTHR

Article on “Flow”… companies are working now to try to implement the ideas of flow. Companies doing so: Patagonia, Microsoft
Idea behind flow: track happiness obsessively, focus on the personal in workers and yourself, set clear expectations, don’t interrupt

BusinessWeek – Aug 1, ‘05
New “innovation & design channel” on the site
List on most innovative companies in the world. Companies of note: Apple, GE, Dell, Google, P&G, Ideo, Starbucks

Outside – Sept ‘05
Article on jobs people love. Interesting websites:, for finding yourself