Sunday, June 24, 2007

Magazine reading notes 4: 2006 Jan-Jun

Outside – Jan
“Outside Fitness” – Paul Scott
Work out in the AM, stretch, keep at it…
“The Hard Way” piece by Mark Jenkins about the challenge for the adventurer of leaving home and those you love

Time – Dec 26 ’05-Jan 2 ‘06
“The Year We Questioned Authority” by Andrew Sullivan – about the public no longer providing a free pass to public figures
“Persons of the Year” about Bono and Bill & Melinda Gates

BusinessWeek – Jan 30
“Three Minute Moguls” about online independent filmmakers – including JibJab Media Inc: shorts have been “This Land” & “2-0-5”
“Would You Recommend Us?” about using this question on a 1-10 scale to measure customer satisfaction
“HP’s Ultimate Team Player” about Ann Livermore

Fast Company – Jan/Feb
“In Good Company” about author Max Barry who used to work at HP in corporate sales – left to write full-time in 1998 - access code: FCJANSOCAP

Money – Feb
Disaster preparedness: should have full replacement cost coverage for items, should make sure home additions are reflected in your insurance, should take a record/inventory of your items and keep in a fireproof safe

BusinessWeek – March 6
“Follow My Money” about bloggers opening up their personal finances:,,,,,

BusinessWeek – March 13
Sports podcasts:,

BusinessWeek – March 20
“Making It Work by not Doing it All” about Xerox CTO Sophie Vandebroek: priorities in life and work

Time – April 10
Review of “A Death In Belmont” by Sebastian Junger about a murder in his childhood hometown

Time – April 17
Book excerpt from “Politics Lost” by Joe Klein about the influence of consultants and image managers in politics
Profile of author James Patterson who previously was CEO of JWT Advertising
Piece on

Outside – not sure
“40 Trips of a Lifetime”

Fast Company – April
Review of “Apex Hides the Hurt” by Colson Whitehead” about a brand name writer for hire

Time – April 24
Viral video impact – those that can be found on : numa numa, david elsewhere, lazy Sundays, brokeback to the future

Fast Company – May
“Join the Corporate Literati” about writing whilst still having a full-time job

Better Homes and Gardens – May
Ceiling tiles from

Time – May 8
“People of the Year” issue – including: Dixie Chicks, Howard Stern, Rachel Ray, Matt Drudge of, Jeff Skoll, M Night Shyamalan Amex advert, creators of, creator of

Money – May
“50 Best Jobs” information at

BusinessWeek – May 15
Profile of “I heart NY” logo creator – design guru Milton Glaser who wrote “The Design of Dissent” about visual challenges against tyranny

Time – May 22
Review of Curtis Settenfeld’s book “The Man of My Dreams” about the youth of a young girl: sounds ok…

Time – June 12
Review of Jason Roberts’ “A Sense of the World” about blind explorer James Holman: sounds really interesting…

Fast Company – June
Article on social networking sites with mention of “myspace killer”

BusinessWeek – June 12
Profile of designer William McDonough who wrote “Cradle to Cradle” and redesigned the Ford River Rouge complex in Michigan

Time – June 19
Profile of architect Jean Nouvel who designed the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, MN
Advert for “The World Series of Pop Culture” on VH1 July 10th

BusinessWeek – June 19
“In Design” section…
Profile of Patrick Whitney, director of IIT Institute of Design in Chicago: largest graduate school of design in the US
Curriculum focuses on design strategy and innovation: 80% of courses don’t actually involve making things,
Includes class in: “user observation and early prototyping” for understanding customers’ wants, “new product development”, “design languages” for making presentations, and “systems designs” for designing business organizations

Profiles on the following people with favorite websites / books:
Ivy Ross of Old Navy:,, “Messages from Water”, “Synchronocity”
Sam Lucente VP, Design of HP:,,, “Creating Breakthrough Products”, “The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini
Marissa Meyer of Google:, “Nussbaum on Design”, “The Paradox of Choice”, “The Psychology of Everyday Things”, “The Art of Innovation”
Claudia Kotchka of PG&E:,,, “Cradle to Crade”, “A General Theory of Love”, “Rules of the Red Rubber Ball”
Amy Radin of Citigroup:,,,,, “Dealing with Darwin”, “Seeing what’s Next”

Lucente is considered in part an ethnographer and launched a research project following the lives of families in their homes – result was his design team creating “Q control” which attaches to all HP products and allows for quick and easy use
“Keep the Change” from Bank of America – very successful program

BusinessWeek – June 19
“Stalking High-Tech Sweatshops” about HP’s Bonnie Nixon-Gardiner, program manager for supply chain and environmental responsibility – outcome of her efforts has been the EICC (electronics industry code of conduct) created along with other tech companies
“Tech Has a New Top Dog” about HP being projected to pass IBM in 2006 annual sales: $91B vs. $90.5B
“A Real Stake in Your Customers” about marketing firm Resource Interactive buying a share of stock in each publicly traded client for each of it’s 140 employees
Time – June 26
Article by Dr Andrew Weil about the benefits of fish oil supplements

Bicycling – June
Best value full suspension MB: Specialized FSR XC Comp: $1,500
Best XC performance MB: Specialized S-Works Epic Carbon: $1,700
Best MB < $1K: Jamis Dakar: $825
Best all-around MB: Santa Cruz Nomad: $3,654