Friday, February 26, 2010

Sports Illustrated Pieces - Brian Burke & Defense in Baseball

Two different stories that I really liked from this week's Sports Illustrated.

The more impactful was "Man Of His Word" about Team USA Men's Hockey GM Brian Burke. Written by Michael Farber, the piece was about how Burke has dealt with the passing of his son Brendan at 21 years of age. Very powerful piece that gets into the support that the elder Burke showed after Brendan came out publicly as a homosexual only a few months ago. Now after Brendan's death, Brian Burke pledges to use his name to help fight for gay rights... great stuff.


On a very different note... "Feel The Glove" was by Albert Chen and a story to get one excited for the upcoming baseball season. All about how defense is the "new on-base percentage" as trumpeted in the Michael Lewis book "Moneyball", the Seattle Mariners are featured as a team built around preventing runs in the field. Can't wait for baseball.