Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jobs in Writing Books

It really wouldn't be accurate to say that I've read them all the way through, but I skimmed the interesting (to me) parts of two different books on the same topic... jobs in writing.

The first was "Opportunities in Writing Careers" by Elizabeth Foote-Smith and second "Careers in Writing" by Blythe Camenson.

I felt Camenson's book had more interesting content, but my thoughts out of reading each was the largest take away for me. So... first with the specific stuff and second with the thoughts:

Specific Content

Technical Writing - defined as any form of business communication that's not advertising. Takes the field out of the realm of technical manuals to the larger area of words which make up ideas.

Places to Work:
- Marketing agencies (with the smaller ones typically offering the chance to work on a wider variety of stuff)
- Corporate advertising or marketing departments
- Freelance writing

Resources for Information:
- Society for Technical Communication
- Documentation Strategies, Inc.
- Essential Data Corporation

Take Away Thoughts

Areas that could be written about:
- Business of sports
- Sports
- Building a career (in and outside of the corporate world)
- Education
- Social Media

Things that could be done:
- Volunteering
- Education… certificate programs in Technical Writing or Entrepreneurial Journalism
- Writing and more writing... perhaps a work history