Sunday, January 31, 2010

Urban Meyer Follow-up from S.L. Price on CNNSI

Back in December, I did a blog post titled Urban Meyer SI Profile by S.L. Price which linked to an in-depth Sports Illustrated article on the University of Florida football coach. One of the main take-aways from that article was the health problems Meyer has had and how he's struggled to reconcile them with the demands of being a top of his profession college coach.

Well, just several weeks after the publication of this piece, Meyer has made headlines by first being admitted to the hospital following Florida's loss to Alabama in the SEC Title Game, then resigning as coach due to health concerns, then taking back that resignation to simply take a leave of absence... which now appears it will manifest itself as maybe just a long weekend away from UF football.

It's fascinating stuff as you've got someone obviously conflicted between what they love to do and how what they love to do can be detrimental to their health. Since hearing of Meyer's resignation and everything since, I was curious to know what the take of the excellent author of the SI feature, S.L. Price, would be. It's not a long piece, but I'm glad I came across on CNNSI "To understand Meyer's flip-flop, one must first understand his past." Within it, Price explains the conflict for Meyer and why it's so hard for him to leave something that in reality is dangerous to his well-being... at least has been with the way he's worked the job to date.

Here's to hoping that Meyer is able to actually reconcile his coaching with keeping himself healthy and around for his family...