Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Apple vs. Google, Zappos, & Salesforce.com BusinessWeek Pieces

Interesting cover story in the Jan 25 issue of BusinessWeek.

Titled "Apple vs. Google", the piece is about... well, that, and details how the prior close "work friends" have had their relationship move at least into the "frenemies" if not "enemies" status. This increased competition has come in the mobile space as Apple has entrenched themselves in the category with the success of the iPhone and Google has gone beyond simply the Android Operating System to now the Nexus One phone by Google. This competition is about much more than the hardware, but also poised for huge growth mobile ad market.


In addition to the above piece about a couple of really good companies now battling it out, I wanted to link to a few additional BW articles about some interesting efforts from Zappos and Salesforce.com (well, from it's founder and CEO)...

From the Jan 11 issue of BusinessWeek came "Zappos Retails Its Culture" about efforts at the (recently purchased by Amazon) company to sell as a service it's management culture through an offering called Zappos Insights.

The Nov 30 issue featured a review of the book "Behind the Cloud" by Marc Benihoff... Salesforce.com CEO.