Saturday, January 16, 2010

BusinessWeek Economy & Housing Pieces

From the last few BusinessWeek issues there's been some interesting pieces around the related topics of the economy and housing.

From the Dec 28 issue came "Smile. The Economy Isn't in a Second Depression" by Peter Coy. Interesting piece that details how things could have been much worse.


In the category of housing, a few different articles of note...

The same Dec 28 issue had "Home Prices Face Test Without Fed Support" about how in the Spring the Federal Government will start phasing out current tax credits for people buying homes.

The Jan 18 issue had "Finding a Better Lifeline for Homeowners" about the idea of lenders cutting principal amounts due to help keep people in their homes and making payments.

Couldn't find the article to link to, but also from BusinessWeek was mention of how ING offers a simple and transparent home mortgage program for potential borrowers.