Monday, August 24, 2009

Time Magazine - Organic Food & Republican Politicians

Couple of really good articles in the latest issue of Time Magazine.

The cover story is titled "Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food" and provides an excellent look at the food industry in America. Written by Bryan Walsh, the piece looks at the potential for problem throughout much of the food chain feeding us today. In order to keep down costs, pigs and cattle are typically raised in unhealthy conditions making them vulnerable to disease... which has to be combated with copious amounts of antibiotic drugs.

It's definitely acknowledged in the article to be more expensive (even in the title), but the basic premise is that local organic agriculture and sustainable farming is the way to go. Tough to bring around everyone, but the point made is that it's worth it to try.


The second piece of note is the commentary by Joe Klein on Republican political opposition to President Obama's health care plan. Just ill-inspiring is the description of how otherwise level-headed Republicans feel compelled to let Sarah Palin prattle on about "death panels"... simply because to refute her would help their political opponent.

Titled "The GOP Has Become a Party of Nihilists", it's a balanced story that points out this is not the way to have political discourse around an important issue.