Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time Magazine - Aug 24 Issue

Nothing I found enthralling in the latest issue of Time, but several different stories that had interesting enough stuff to be noted here for posterity.

The cover story by Joel Stein (he of the frequent back page commentary) is "Less Vegas: The Casino Town Bets on a Comeback" about the recession impact on Sin (& Eternal Optimism) City. Striking about this piece was it's vignette about successful estate agent Brooke Boemio... and her specialty of representing current home buyers who buy larger at reduced price, and then walk away from the old house.

Lovely, just lovely. Not that shady real estate agents and homeowners with no sense of responsibility to their debts are the only poor links in this poorly functioning chain (with Banks and mortgage brokers also deserving blame), but geesh... this doesn't help.

Also from this issue was a profile on Steven Chu, Obama's choice as head of the Department of Energy. Of interest here was both how Chu is perhaps the first truly qualified scientist in this role and his championing of white roofs and light-covered pavement. As remarkable as it sounds, Chu cites studies that the carbon savings of these two introductions (which would have to come over time) would be equivalent to taking all cars off the roads for 11 years.

Finally, two other articles of interest were "Building a Media Empire Around I Can Has Cheezburger" about Seattle-based funny website entrepreneur Ben Huh and the poignant commentary piece by Nancy Gibbs on the costs and benefits of raising a child.