Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sarah Palin Cover Story from Time

Interesting cover story from the July 20 issue of Time Magazine on soon to be former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

Titled "The Outsider: Where is Sarah Palin Going Next?" the piece is written by the most excellent Time editor and writer David Von Drehle and examines Palin's decision to quit as Governor and what her future is pointing towards.

There's an enormous amount of speculation about whether Palin's resignation was done with an eye towards a 2012 Presidential run, but the impression that I got the article is that her intent in quiting isn't towards what she wants to do, but rather what she doesn't want to do. Whether her future is as a Presidential candidate or simply a wealthy Conservative Republican pundit author/talk-show host/paid speaker (which is what would bring about the wealth), she appears to want to do any of that more than she does fulfill her elected term as governor of Alaska.

Certainly her prerogative... whether it's the smartest move for her political future or the best for those who elected her could certainly be questioned, but the overriding impression that Palin gives about these questions is she doesn't care. She's gonna do whatever she wants to do... and of course if anyone disagrees with her, well... you know.