Monday, July 20, 2009

40th Anniversary of the Moon Walk - Time Cover Story

Really good cover story from the July 27 issue of Time Magazine.

Titled "Moon Walkers" it looks at the 24 men who have gone to the Moon and is written by Jeffrey Kluger, co-author of Apollo 13. It's an interesting account of America's lunar astronauts and how they were wired. One of the things that stood out from the story is how far some it was tough to appreciate and live through the normal aspects of life after such a singular experience.

Reading this story reminded me of a both a Chris Jones story from Esquire titled "Why We Shouldn't End Our Manned Space Program" and his book on astronauts stranded at the International Space Station after the Columbia disaster. In paperback, it's "Out of Orbit: The Incredible True Story of Three Astronauts Who Were Hundreds of Miles Above Earth When They Lost Their Ride Home" and the seemingly more appropriate "Too Far From Home" is the hardcover title.

Just fascinating stuff about some select people who have way seriously done something different than the rest of us through human history. Yea, I could see being back on Earth feeling weird after that.