Friday, August 29, 2008

Blog Post Topics So Far

In an effort to understand fully what I'm trying to do with this blog in terms of content, I've listed below the topics posted on thus far.

Book Reviews & Other Writing:
1. "Too Far From Home" review
2. "The Devil's Teeth" review
3. "The Geography of Bliss" review
4. "The Devil in the White City" & other Erik Larson reviews
5. "Company" review & other writing links
6. "Twilight" review & others
7. "A Few Seconds of Panic" review
8. "Against the Gods" review
9. "The Art of Racing in the Rain" review
10. "The Blind Side" & other Michael Lewis reviews
11. "Politics Lost" review
12. More Chris Jones writing
13. "A Sense of the World" review

Other Topics:
1. China in Africa
2. HP press coverage
3. Impact of bottled water plant
4. Career path of Chris Snow
5. Energy & the environment
6. Blogging
7. Obama press coverage
8. Disaster response
9. College credit-card marketing
10. Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies
11. Beijing Olympics swimming
12. Marketing of "Twilight"
13. Fast Company notes including piece on Clorox & the Sierra Club
14. Jeff Skoll
15. Michael Vick's financial problems
16. Olympic moments videos
17. Pre-fabricated homes
18. My new iPhone
19. Customer Service
20. History of this blog

This examination of the content here ties to my last "Why & How Thus Far" post and I have to agree with my assessment there (well, I would hope so)... I'm happy thus far. The overriding goal of the blog is to write about stuff I find interesting and I feel I'm doing that.

Guess this takes me fully to the promised post topic out of the "Why & How Thus Far"... that being the "path forward", specifically how to get a readership. It's a big nut to crack, but I've got some ideas...