Sunday, August 24, 2008

Prefabtastic: The Rise of the Prefabricated Home

"Home Thoughts" from the August 25, 2008 issue of Time Magazine chronicles a prefab home exhibition currently showing at the New York Museum of Modern Art. This same exhibition was also detailed in a recent BusinessWeek article and made me think of some other interesting mentions I've seen over the last few years of prefab homes.

Back to 2005, this BusinessWeek story shows seven different prefab homes and for several years now, I've seen recurring mentions of designer Michelle Kaufmann and her "Glidehouse" prefab home. Kaufmann seems to be the rockstar designer for this new movement of sustainably built prefab homes and the below You Tube video can also be found along with several others at this link on Kaufmann's website.

Prefab homes... affordable, sustainable and very cool.