Monday, September 01, 2008

Obama Coverage from Time Magazine II

Posted on this blog back on July 29th was "Obama Coverage from Time Magazine"... a look at two different pieces from the Aug 4 issue of Time, each likely giving optimism to Obama supporters hoping he comes out on top in November.

Since that time, there has been a very focused Republican effort to chip away at Obama and his prospects in the election. Stemming in part from those efforts, McCain has gained in the polls and two different pieces in the Sept 1 Time Magazine likely boost the spirits in the opposite camp, supporters of John McCain.

In his "A Working-Class Hero?" commentary, former McCain strategist Mike Murphy writes about how Obama needs to focus efforts to try to win votes from what Murphy calls the "lunch-pail wing of the Democratic Party".

Additionally, columnist (and frequent McCain critic) Joe Klein writes his "In the Arena" piece with the title (and subtitle) "Where's the Passion?... Obama's measured style might cost him the election".

These doom and gloom (or perhaps simply helpful advice) pieces duly noted, the issue's cover story (well, the cover story was actually a series of articles on Obama and the Dems) was a terribly interesting piece titled "The Five Faces of Barack Obama" by David Von Drehle chronicling multiple views of how the candidate is seen.

Also in the issue was the editor's letter about the election coverage Time has on their site at The Page and Swampland.