Friday, November 19, 2010

Mid-Term Election Results Considered

While I know pretty well which way my political leanings go, not a lot is written about on this blog, but I can across a couple of excellent essays that bear posting here.

From Slate was "Pelosi's Triumph: Democrats didn't lose the battle of 2010. They won it" by William Saletan. One could certainly disagree with his view, but Saletan's take is the specific election results matter not as much as the passage of health care.

On a lighter, but very similar note was the Joel Stein "Ode to Arnie" column from Time Magazine. His favorable take on California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman made me think of two statements from the Saletan piece... "Legislative majorities come and go" and "The big picture isn't about winning or keeping power. It's about using it."