Monday, November 29, 2010

Fast Company - Twitter, Boing Boing & Gaming

Lots of interesting articles and mentions from the Dec/Jan issue of Fast Company Magazine.

Cover story was "I Want My Twitter TV!" written by Ellen McGirt. The piece looks at how the company with an incredibly popular platform may have just found a way to really monetize what they do. Very innovative and cool stuff with a big push in the area of creating community around mass media.


Also from this issue of Fast Company was a host of other things of note...

Profiled was the blog Boing Boing and it's founders/current contributors. Basic premise of the article is these guys started the blog because they wanted to write on things they found interesting... and have continued towards that exact same goal. Something to be said for this idea of doing things that give you enjoyment.

A piece titled "How Video Games Are Infiltrating—and Improving—Every Part of Our Lives" about... well, that. Pretty fascinating topic that featured content about Jane McGonigal and a famous in it's circles talk on games from Jesse Schell (video below from the TED website).