Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chris Jones on Wheel of Fortune Solve and Sgt. Joe Mongomery

Some solid writing I've come across lately from Chris Jones.

His Esquire blog featured two interesting pieces... each reminding me of past story by Jones.

"Was the Wheel of Fortune One-Letter Solve Really a Miracle?" fit squarely into the "amazing game show happenings" just as did "TV's Crowning Moment of Awesome" from Esquire earlier this year. One about guessing a puzzle, one about guessing the exact value of items in a Price is Right Showcase Showdown... both well written looks at the trivial done well to the point of seemingly impossible.


Also from the aforementioned Esquire blog was "The Breathing Ghost of Veterans Day" reminiscing back on Sergeant Joe Montgomery... subject of "The Things that Carried Him" in the May 2008 issue of Esquire.

The original piece was the first story I linked to and wrote about on this blog and still gets me when I think about it. About the journey home and steps involved when a service member is killed, it's damn straight powerful work.