Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Presidential Choices / Twitter Complaints & Books to Read - from Time Magazine

Some interesting stuff from the July 26 issue of Time Magazine.

In the last page essay, Nancy Gibbs wrote "Judge a Presidency By Its Crises Avoided" about... well, about that. I have my definite opinion on the current vs last President, but with that being said, it's still an interesting take from Gibbs on an incredibly difficult job. Basic idea put forth by her is that you've got at any given point, a fallible human making decisions around actions that can change the course of people's lives, deaths and history.

Also from this issue was "The Customer-Service Express Lane" about the success people have had taking complaints to Twitter... and getting pretty immediate corporate action taken on their complaint.

Not from this same issue, but another Time piece of late I of note was "What to Read This Summer"... a recommendation list of books being currently read by some prominent authors and other public figure types. From this I learned of a really good book just finished that I'll review soon...