Saturday, July 03, 2010

Chris Jones Paraguay Soccer Piece from ESPN

I came across a week or so ago a treasure trove of Chris Jones (whose stuff I like quite a bit and have linked to and posted about a number of his pieces) writing on

Here's the link to the ESPN search query for Jones and online now are a number of short World Cup soccer posts that he's done from South Africa. These blog posts are not as long as his features I've most enjoyed (and he probably didn't spend as much time on rewrites), but a lot of them I still consider really good writing.

Probably my favorite piece from his recent World Cup dispatches was "Not sad to see Paraguay go at all" on the heels of their defeat against Spain earlier today. It's got all the stuff I like in good writing... an interesting point of view, communicated well, and entertaining in the delivery.

As an aside, one thing I notice in writing from Jones is his phrasing leans towards the dramatic... but doesn't go over the top as I've noticed in some other authors like Gary Smith from Sports Illustrated.

As someone who fancies himself a writer type, me thinks the style from Jones one to try to emulate.