Saturday, May 22, 2010

Joe Posnanski - A Volumous Portfolio of Words

Good writing, interesting topics... excellent things both to post about, but another facet of writing that's become a big deal with the advent of the whole "New Media" thing is the vehicle used for said writing.

While newspapers, magazines and hard copy books are still very much around, now you've also got traditional media websites, wikis, blogs and twitter that can serve as ways one can communicate via the written word.

I find good writing to be the most interesting thing, but it's cool to see writers that use multiple media to communicate said good writing to their audience.  I'm sure there's others as well, but a good example of this type of solid new media author is Joe Posnanski of Sports Illustrated.

I say Sports Illustrated because that's where I came across his stuff, but here's what I've seen from Posnanski online...

CNNSI archive:

twitter feed:

personal blog:

Man, that's a lot of (solid) writing for one guy to put online (with a cool example of how at least the twitter feeds lead into online features linked to here). 

Combine that with Posnanski's articles in the print version of Sports Illustrated as well as his books... impressive stuff.