Thursday, May 06, 2010

Gareth Thomas Profile from Sports Illustrated

Really powerful feature story from the May 3 issue of Sports Illustrated.

From Senior writer Gary Smith, "Gareth Thomas: The Only Openly Gay Male Athlete" tells a story that is statistically almost impossible to believe.  Of all the competitors in all the professional sporting leagues around the world, only one has openly come out. 

Knowing that there must be many more gay pro athletes, it seems that it would be an enormous inspiration should others step forward as Thomas has.  The story by Smith at times leans a bit towards melodrama, but is written in a style to captivate and certainly covers an important topic.


Also from Sports Illustrated, but this time from the May 10 issue, was a memoriam piece on longtime SI writer Ron Fimrite.  Interesting stuff about someone who sounds to also be quite the lyrical writer... with a "makes me want to read" description about his 1983 piece about "The Play" from Cal vs Stanford titled "The Anatomy Of A Miracle".