Friday, June 05, 2009

A social-networked online life

I posted a couple of weeks ago to my Facebook page that I was is trying to figure out how to best lead a social-networked online life (between Facebook, LinkedIn, two blogs, Digg and now Shelfari).

The problem with having all these sites/profiles is deciding what to update when and how to have it work together. Well, I think I've got it figured out... at least for now.

Here's my various social network sites/profiles to maintain along with my view of each:

1. Facebook - a very cool tool to keep in touch with people socially
2. LinkedIn - a good tool to keep in touch professionally
3. Blogger writing & hockey blogs - sites I enjoy updating and intend to use as examples of my writing
4. Digg & Shelfari - websites I haven't used (and profiles I haven't maintained) much in the past, but seem to be a good fit for me as their thing (weblinks & books respectively) seems very much in line with what I post to the writing blog.

So... here's what I've done and the (very rough) plan:

Social-network site convergence:
1. Added LinkedIn profile link to my Facebook page
2. Added Facebook & LinkedIn profile links to my writing blog
3. Added manually (utilizing html) Digg & Shelfari profile links (as well as a link to my resume) to my writing blog
- Blog links already on Facebook page and LinkedIn profiles

Social-networking site updating:
1. Updated LinkedIn profile
2. Began copying book reviews from my writing blog to Shelfari profile
3. Thought about going through writing blog and adding webcontent linked to there over to Digg account

Social-networking site plan:
- Gonna keep doing stuff on my blogs because I like it from a creative standpoint
- Gonna keep active on Facebook because I enjoy it socially
- Will almost certainly copy book reviews from my writing blog to Shelfari as I do them
- Not much need be done with LinkedIn
- Plan to keep Digg updated, but may drop it if I find there's not enough of a point...

So... bunch of stuff that may only be interesting to myself, but the point of all this is there's lots of things that can be done online and can get somewhat scattered and/or a bit much. However, I think I've got it pretty dialed in at this point.

Now, if I could only figure out whether I want to add a Twitter account and what would be done with it... ;)