Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Esquire Magazine - July issue

A couple of things of note from the July issue of Esquire Magazine...

Well, yeah... the cover image of swimsuit model Bar Refaeli wearing body paint (or body text as the case may be) itself is noteworthy, but the text on her is taken from the Stephen King short story "Morality" contained within the issue. I didn't find the story linked to anywhere on the Esquire website, but suspect that's by agreement between the magazine and author.

This being the case, the best I can do for links is provide this one to a description of "Morality" on The story itself is a compelling read which reminds me a great deal of the King short story "Apt Pupil"... contained in his collection "Different Seasons" (from which also came two short stories that led to the movies "Stand by Me" and "Shawshank Redemption").

Two other things I found interesting from this issue of Esquire... both of which are about one of my favorite writers, Chris Jones.

The first was his extremely short (3 paragraph) piece titled "Arrivals at the Airport". In a way the polar opposite of "Morality" by King, it's.. nice. The second was mention of Jones being honored with a National Magazine Award for his Esquire piece "The Things That Carried Him". I wrote about Jones and this piece in what was kind of my first blog post and the story itself can be found here on the Esquire site.