Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time Magazine - Elizabeth Edwards Excerpt & Other Book Pieces

From three different Time Magazine issues are taken three different pieces that all fall in what I'll so eloquently call the "book category"...

Out of the May 18 issue came the piece "How I Survived John's Affair" by Elizabeth Edwards. Excerpted from her new book "Resilience", it's a first person description of the emotions and actions of Edwards as she learned of and as dealt with the cheating by her husband, former Presidential candidate John Edwards. I likely won't read the book itself, but the excerpt published in Time provides a fascinating portrait of reaction to an extremely unjust situation.

From the March 9 issue is an interesting book review of the Eric Kraft novel "Flying".

From the February 9 issue is an "appreciation" of recently deceased novelist John Updike by Time writer Lev Grossman. Not much I can add here other than to say that the piece tends to make one want to read Updike.