Saturday, May 16, 2009

Product Review Pieces from BusinessWeek

Below are four different product review type articles from BusinessWeek over the last few months. They come from four different issues and while three of them are more typical reviews (from the "Opinion" section by Stephen Wildstrom), the fourth bears inclusion as it's about the most impactful facet of a new product.

The three Wildstrom reviews are "Amazon's Kindle 2: Delight Is in the Details" and then two on HP laptop computers... first "HP's Mini 1000 Mi Takes Netbooks a Big Step Forward" on the company's newest netbook and second "HP's dv2 Is a Bigger, Better, Budget Ultrathin" on a traditionally sized laptop that is still in the "untralight" category.

The fourth piece is by Peter Burrows and titled "The Apple App Monster" about the app store and how it's helped create a whole new category of technology... with the iPhone as the category leader.