Friday, May 22, 2009

BusinessWeek Magazine - May 25 Issue

Some interesting pieces from the May 25 BusinessWeek issue:

"Wal-Mart: Making Its Suppliers Go Green" is about the "encouragement" to have an environmentally sound supply chain provided by the retail giant to it's suppliers. People can certainly quibble with some of the actions taken by Wal-Mart around it's workforce, but it is positive to see the world's largest retailer acting on behalf of the environment.

"Cisco's Big Push into New Markets" provides a look at how the networking company is currently extremely active in entering new markets... from sports to servers to consumer electronics. One interesting facet of this (particularly in relation to the server foray) is how this puts Cisco in competition with some of it's largest partners who resell Cisco gear as part of integrated solutions for corporations.

"Giving Products a Good Backstory" provides a look at the marketing firm Starlight Runner Entertainment and how it's helps corporate clients create narrative stories around existing products and marketing ideas. The end result of this being larger and more lasting narratives to influence consumers. It's an interesting read and I also found compelling the backstory of the firm's founder, Jeff Gomez, that went from being a public school creative writing teacher to launching a gaming magazine and then working for a gaming company. Very entertaining career path...