Thursday, March 12, 2015

Writers on writing - by King, Sager, Jones, Sherman & Keohane

Lately on the subject of writers and writing, there's been some great stuff I've seen lately that feels to group into a couple of categories.

In the general writing wisdom category were two great pieces with first Stephen King apparently in 1986 writing the first-person "Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully – in Ten Minutes" and the other piece of writing wisdom was provided by Mike Sager with the short "Tips" page from his website.

Still in the general subject of writing wisdom, but more specifically maxims about his own writing, were some rules recently come across that Chuck Jones, writer of Wile E. Coyote & The Road Runner and who passed away in 2002, put to paper and which were passed along in the below tweet:

In the writing about great writing from others category were two pieces to note here, first with Ed Sherman for Poynter writing "Why there’s not a single Alex Rodriguez quote in ESPN’s 12,000-word profile" about the profile done by J.R. Moehringer and then Joe Keohane for Columbia Journalism Review doing "Hurting for Words" about the new Michael Paterniti book Love and Other Ways of Dying, with the below tweet listing out the stories featured: