Thursday, March 12, 2015

Great GQ feature stories - by Paterniti & Flynn

There's two exceptional features I've seen recently from GQ Magazine, one by Michael Paterniti and one by Sean Flynn.

The Paterniti piece from the latest issue was "The Accident" and linked at the top of it (with an editor's note of "the second of our two-part series on the ways accidents shape our lives") was "The Vanishing" by Flynn from 2014.

Flynn's story was about Malaysia Airlines flight 370 and it covers the lack of open communication from the Malaysian government and how it's made a horrible situation even more difficult for family members of those who were on the plane.

The Paterniti story is written about a time from his own childhood and on the reckless decisions kids make with booze and driving, a fatal car accident, and not knowing for certain who caused it. While definitely more personal than Paterniti's other great works, this piece similar to many other stories of his in that it sticks with you after reading.