Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Interesting business pieces - on high-end coffee, stealth boats and Twitter

Three different interesting pieces of business writing I've seen recently ran the gamut of subjects included coffee, a new boat engineered to evade radar and Twitter.

The latest issue of Businessweek had the Caroline Winter feature "This Stealth Attack Boat May Be Too Innovative for the Pentagon" on entrepreneur Gregory Sancoff and his company Juliet Marine, maker of an invisible to radar small winged boat, Ghost. It was a fascinating read on some remarkably engineered technology and will be interesting to see if it's adopted by the military.

For Fast Company Magazine, Danielle Sacks wrote the excellent feature "The Multimillion Dollar Quest to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee" on artisinal third wave coffeemaking efforts (with the standard offering from Starbucks as second wave). The piece from Sacks covers everything from heavily venture capital funded Blue Bottle Coffee to the company Alpha Dominche and its up to $16K Steampunk coffeemaker as well as Starbucks' increased rollout of the high-end Clover cofeemaker in it's stores.

The final piece to note here is one I came across a few months back and was actually written three years ago. For his venture capital focused site AVC in 2009, Fred Wilson wrote a short post on Twitter usage titled "The Logged Out User (continued)" and it's an interesting look on how Twitter is used in different ways by different people, and what a great thing that is for the company.