Saturday, August 09, 2014

Great Esquire writing - by Paterniti & Richardson

Two sensational pieces from Esquire that I've seen recently including one from an issue that hasn't arrived in the mail yet and one from a September 1999 edition.

The older of the two features is "The House that Thurman Munson Built" by Michael Paterniti on the New York Yankees catcher from the 1970s and it's a remarkable story on the man who died in 1979 and his impact on the author who grew up a fan of Munson. Paterniti reports some amazing details throughout the piece and similar to other stories I've his I've posted on, it's great writing and tacked on after the conclusion of the piece was a writeup by Paterniti about doing the story, taken from the writing site Gangrey and with the full post including story reprint and comments here.

The other piece to note here is "The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker" and it's an account from John H. Richardson of the doctor at the only remaining Mississippi abortion clinic. Really excellent storytelling from Richardson on an important topic.