Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Michael McRae & Mark Jenkins in Outside Magazine

Having recently subscribed to Outside Magazine (after not getting it for the past few years), I found a couple of interesting features in the November issue.

Piece that stood out the most was How the Nomad Found Home on conservationist Mike Fay. Written by Michael McRae, it details Fay's work creating National Parks and championing conservation in Africa and more recently holing up in the Southeast Alaskan wilderness. It's an interesting portrait of a guy extremely dedicated to his causes... and who has been able to accomplish quite a bit in relation to them.

Other story from this issue of Outside that I noted was Amundsen Schlepped Here by Mark Jenkins. The piece is about Jenkins and his brother Steve skiing the path across the Hardangervidda Plateau taken 100 years ago by adventurer Roald Amundsen.

While the writing was solid and contents interesting, what got me was recalling my three years ago reading and then posting on The Hard Way by Jenkins. Seems a long time ago this blog was begun in earnest, but it's been enjoyable writing (and reading the stuff written on).