Friday, March 18, 2011

Joe Posnanski Crystal Ball Piece on the Kansas City Royals

Really cool piece of writing by Joe Posnanski in the latest Sports Illustrated. It's titled "Royals, Flush" and features one of my more favorite writing techniques (if done well)... the "written in the future" backwards look).

The story is about the Kansas City Royals future predicted success (but, with the writing actually looking back on it) and how the absolutely stocked farm system under GM Dayton Moore made that possible. I have to confess to also liking the story from the perspective of it being about a small-market team (with a beautiful looking stadium) making it big, but the solid writing from Posnanski was what really made the piece for me.

Not to make this post about something other than the writing itself (or imply I can write as well as Posnanksi), but his technique reminded me of of a favorite piece of writing from college... my story on a Native Alaskan tribe which was basically a copy of of an encyclopedia story (you know, like Wikipedia, but without the Internet) that I told through the eyes of a tribe member.

Was enjoyable writing the piece... and enjoyable reading this one from Posnanski.