Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Blog Post Tags/Labels Used

As I've used this blog as a place to link to and pontificate on writing I find of note, I've also been interested to see what exactly I'm writing about (pardon the "I'm interested to see something I do" reference).

To this end, I find the blog tags/labels used for each given post to be an indicator of what's contained (as I last wrote about in Feb 2010). Since it's now been over a year, may as well have another go at it...


Within the 400 plus blog posts over the last few years are a lot of different tags... some 1,300 to be (sort of) precise. It's an inexact science to be sure since I probably on many a post have missed a relevant tag and on others prattled on with too many, but there's still value me thinks in looking at the tags used most frequently (with ~60 of those shown in the tag cloud on the blog right hand side).

As I write in the aforementioned post from a year ago, the tags fall into a few main categories:

- Where I'm linking from... what magazine, website, etc.

- Who wrote the piece linked to

- Who (or what company in many a case) the story is about

- Process or topic stuff... with most, but not all of the labels noted below (each hyperlinked to the tag/label search):
- Blogging: 17 posts... now 18 with this one
- Work: 11 posts
- Writing: 15 posts
- Customer Service: 4 posts
- Social Media: 8 posts

Yea... it's a lot of posts on a lot of different topics, but I like writing 'em and find the topics interesting and writing linked to solid.

Gotta do something to keep off the street...