Sunday, December 05, 2010

Time Magazine Cover Stories - WikiLeaks & The Decade Past

Interesting cover stories from each of the past two issues of Time Magazine.

Most recent was the Dec 13 edition with it's story on WikiLeaks... and the recent release of US intelligence documents, including 11,000+ marked "secret" by the government.

Written by Massimo Calabresi, "WikiLeaks' War on Secrecy: Truth's Consequences" is a detailed look at the documents, the WikiLeaks website that published them and the guy behind the site, Julian Assange.

While the recent trove of leaks is described by some (Time Columnist Fareed Zakaria in this essay and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates from the Calabresi piece) as not being terribly damning, it's still pretty riveting stuff to read about.

As is oft the case, Time and it's writers did an excellent job giving a thorough look at the story, it's players and ramifications.


The Dec 6 issue of Time featured a Special Report looking back at the past 10 years with a series of different stories examining different aspects.

Most compelling to me of them was the "Looking Back to the Future" introduction by Nancy Gibbs. Very short, but also very well written piece.