Monday, June 28, 2010

Petraeus Assignment & Kagan Nomination - Time Magazine

Two pieces of note to me from the July 5 issue of Time Magazine.

Both were about personnel decisions from President Barack Obama and while the writing took different approaches, each piece told an interesting story.

In "Judging Elena", Adam Cohen gave a really well written look at prospective Supreme Court judge Elena Kagan leading into her upcoming Senate nomination hearings. It's that type of writing that's short (one page) and manages to cover salient details and do so in a compelling manner.


Also from this issue of Time was "Can Obama and Petraeus Work Together?" by Joe Klein. It's a different type of writing than that from Cohen in that Klein's writing feels to be more commentary based, but is interesting in the content covered.

The heart of it was around relationships between the Executive branch and the military. The micro level view detailed was between Obama and his top military commander, General David Petraeus and macro level the overall working together of Democratic political leaders with leaders of the Armed Forces. Interesting stuff...