Friday, June 18, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Cover Story from Time

Good cover story from Bryan Walsh in the June 10 issue of Time Magazine.

Titled "The Gulf Disaster: Whose Asses Need Kicking?" the piece is a follow up to Walsh's cover story from last month (posted about and linked to here) about the catastrophic spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

I liked the first piece from Walsh for the same reason I found this one to be solid writing... it's orderly, yet interesting. He very much covers the basics of the story with examinations from multiple angles (the cause, the immediate impact, the subsequent fallout and what should happen next), but does so in a compelling fashion that doesn't lose sight of the people impacted and involved.

Perhaps an odd comparison, but I found it to be almost like a really good school report... one which would hold the reader's attention.


Two other pieces from Time lately that I found of note dealt with the category of creative stuff. First there was "Altered Beast" about popular novelist Justin Cronin and then the review "Breaking Bad: TV's Best Thriller" from Time writer James Poniewozik.

The piece on Cronin interested me from the perspective of how a writer... writes and Breaking Bad just sounds like a good show.