Sunday, March 14, 2010

Author Websites

Following up on the heels of my blog post on tags or labels noted, I wanted to create a new label category for posts with an "author website" linked to within.

This certainly doesn't mean that each site will be tremendously interesting as I know at least a few are there just to help sell the book and don't have much else on or from the author. On the flip side... I know there's also at least a few that have lots of content from the writer and should make for compelling reading.

It will of course be searchable via the tag cloud on the blog now that I've put this new lablel onto the given posts, but just for giggles, I've listed out below those authors I've reviewed who do have a site I linked to (with the site hyperlinked on his or her name and then the review post itself also linked):

From January-March 2010 blog posts:

- John Grisham - "Ford County" reviewed here

- Malcolm Gladwell - "What the Dog Saw" reviewed here

- Chris Brogan - "Trust Agents" reviewed here

From 2009 blog posts:

- Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner - "Superfreakonomics" reviewed here

- David Kord Murray - "Borrowing Brilliance" reviewed here

- Alain de Botton - "The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work" reviewed here

- Kurt Andersen - "Reset: Financial Crisis" reviewed here

- Scott Rosenberg - "Say Everything: Blogging" reviewed here

- Lee Gutkind - "Keep it Real: Creative Nonfiction" reviewed here

- John Grogan - "The Longest Trip Home" reviewed here

- Stephenie Meyer - "Eclipse" reviewed here

- Jeff Jarvis - "What Would Google Do?" reviewed here

- Dr. Andrew Weil - "Healthy Aging" reviewed here

- Will Leitch - "God Save the Fan" reviewed here

- Dave Bidini - "Tropic of Hockey" reviewed here

- Doris Kearns Goodwin - "Team of Rivals" reviewed here

From July-December 2008 blog posts:

- Jason Peter - "Hero of the Underground" reviewed here

- Mark Jenkins - "The Hard Way" reviewed here

- Randy Pausch - "Last Lecture" reviewed here

- Tom Vanderbilt - "Traffic" reviewed here

- Curtis Sittenfeld - "American Wife" reviewed here

- Sarah Lacy - "Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good" reviewed here

- Jason Roberts - "A Sense of the World" reviewed here

- Garth Stein - "The Art of Racing in the Rain" reviewed here

- Stefan Fatsis - "A Few Seconds of Panic" reviewed here

- J.K. Rowling - "Harry Potter" series reviewed here

- Max Barry - "Company" reviewed here

- Eric Weiner - "The Geography of Bliss" reviewed here