Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Joe Klein Piece on Obama & Time Arts Preview

Some good stuff in the latest issue of Time Magazine.

In his "In the Arena" column, Joe Klein wrote "Obama's Appeal: A Test of National Character" about the effort at health-care reform... and how interesting it will now be to see what public opinion does. Basically, it's a question of whether (A) reasoned debate or (B) doing whatever it takes to not let the other guy win will rule the day.

From the same issue was the Time Fall Arts Preview (starting with Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol") featuring 50 different books/movies/plays/whatnot to look forward to in the coming months. Of most interest to me were the following:

- Ken Burns' 12 hour documentary on America's National Parks. Starting Sept 27 on PBS...

- "Jennifer's Body" opening Sept 18. No, it doesn't look amazing, but it's written by Diablo Cody.

- "Where the Wild Things Are" live-action film of Maurice Sendak's book. Opens Oct 16.

- "Eating Animals" by novelist Jonathan Safran Foer. A non-fiction look at the practice of vegetarianism. Releases Nov 2.

- Andre Agassi's biography "Open". Releases Nov 9.

- "New Moon"... the second "Twilight" movie adaption. Opens Nov 20.

Good stuff all.