Sunday, September 13, 2009

BusinessWeek Best Places to Launch a Career / PCs vs Macs / Books

Excellent content from the Sept 14 BusinessWeek on the "Best Places to Launch a Career".

The annual special report gets into a lot of interesting concepts that companies can offer new hires... especially in the area of opportunities for growth and employee value to the corporation.


Two other categories of writing that I found interesting in recent Business issues... and which I'll link to here for lack of them being truly compelling enough for their own post:

PC vs Mac & Windows 7 vs a slide rule: In it's Sept 7 issue, BusinessWeek technology columnist Stephen Wildstrom wrote "Snow Leopard: An Upgrade in Camouflage" about new the Mac operating system from Apple.

In the vein of "equal coverage to both sides"... from the Sept 14 issue, Peter Burrows wrote "Will Windows 7 Reboot PC Sales?" and Wildstrom penned "Windows 7: Upgrading Can Be Hard to Do". Releasing Oct 22, Win 7 replaces the much reviled Windows Vista and it will be interesting to see both how Microsoft prices it and how good it is.

Books of Interest: Two mentions of interesting books in the last few issues of BW. "Acting the Part of a Leader" is excerpted from "The Essential Bennis" by... Warren Bennis.

Probably of more interest to me is "Borrowing Brillance" by David Kord Murray... and reviewed here. The idea behind Murray's book is that great business ideas frequently come from cherry picking other ideas and simply adapting them.