Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fiction Writing Notion

Not sure how entirely interesting this is to the average reader, but since I only know of four different people who regularly read this blog (and three are family), I'll go ahead and write this...

I did a post a few days ago titled "blog topics to date... & forward" and at it's conclusion I wrote of an interest in fiction writing, but the kind based based in reality (i.e. historical fiction).

Using that as a jumping off point, I began outlining (maybe I did actually learn something from the "Day of the Writer" seminars last week) and realized what I would like to write. I'm certainly making no guarantees of doing it, but I would like to do a fictional autobiography of myself.

Now... I fully recognize that an autobiography up to this point in my life may well not cover the most awe-inspiring stuff (certainly not as interesting as Buck's life in "Call of the Wild"), but... note the word fictional. This gives lots and lots of leeway on potential content.

Maybe it doesn't even need to focus on myself... who ever said that an autobiography has to be about the person writing it? Ok, maybe Webster's dictionary said it, but does that mean it has to be the case?

With this all stated, it's time for a "future details as events warrant" closing. Check.