Sunday, March 08, 2009

Blog Topics To Date... & Forward

I've been thinking more and more about both what type of writing I want to do. With the way my brain works, that thinking screams out for me to look at what type of writing I've done.


So... I started posting early July of last year and in these last 8 months have done... around 120 different posts.
What this means: Well, I guess that I went from wishing in June of last year that I was writing to having done a blog post (otherwise known as "writing") every two days on average. Pretty happy with that.


Getting into the details of what exactly I wrote about, here's what I found:

31 book review posts (25 from non-fiction and 6 from fiction books).

89 remaining posts that fall under the following topic areas:
- 34 posts: Business
- 9 posts : Entertainment
- 10 posts: Life (kind of a catch-all category to be sure)
- 16 posts: Politics
- 8 posts: Sports
- 12 posts: Writing

What this means: Two things jump out to me. One is that I find important the idea of reading books (and then having an opinion about said tomes) and two is that I find at least some aspects of business to be interesting.

Yes... I can also really like something that's "pure art", but me thinks there's also stuff of note in the business world (you know... the one in which lots of people make the money that pays living expenses).


Taking a different view of the 89 posts that aren't book reviews... here's the sources they come from / reference / link to:
- 23 posts: Time Magazine
- 14 posts: BusinessWeek
- 9 posts: Sports Illustrated
- 7 posts: Fast Company
- 6 posts: Esquire
- 30 posts: other... includes websites, television shows, my own ramblings and a few other publications.

What this means: Not entirely sure, but I'm gonna go with the idea that I like the magazines I subscribe to. One of the great things about the whole worldly-wide interwebnet information superhighway is that it gives tons and tons of material (like for instance... this blog), but one of the problems is... same as the aforementioned great thing.

With so much material out there, it's nice to have magazines (or websites if you prefer) that you expect to have good stuff contained within. What I find is that often the stuff I read serves as a jumping off point to go find out more... both on the web and... to the point of the reading books mention, to actually seek out and read books referenced from a magazine article.


Trying to now take this information and tie it back to the point of the post... I'm pretty happy with both the type and content of writing (and reading) I've done with this blog thus far and will likely continue it.

What I am toying with, though, is the idea of writing fiction (perhaps based in reality in the vein of an Erik Larson), but I'll have to both chew on that to try to figure out how it may incorporate into the blog and... oh yeah... you know... actually start writing it.

Future details as appropriate...